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  About Us  

The Community Care & Advancement Association (CCAA) of Canada is an association that works to improve the dialogue between members in our community and the many levels of government in Canada. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, the CCAA provides guidance to a number of organizations and ethnic groups working to build bridges among many different sectors.

With the support of the Chinese-Canadian community organizations across the nation, the CCAA enhances communications and provides a platform to all members of our community. As the voice in our community we will work hard to improve the lives of every Canadian.


  CCAA Mandate  

The CCAA mandate is to promote, support and protect the interests of our community by endorsing:

  • Improved Dialogue between the different ethnic communities.
  • Improved Trade between Canada and overseas markets.
  • Improved Harmony in a united community.
  • Improved Safety in our communities.