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A Dialogue with the Honourable Gordon Campbell, Premier of B.C.

This event, aims to improve communication and connection between members of the Chinese community and the provincial government, has attracted in excess of 800 attendees. The lengthy questioning period enabled Premier Gordon Campbell to tackle some sharp questions from the audience. Due to the time restraint, the Premier had to leave with questions that he had promised a written response as soon as possible. Overall, the audience was impressed and satisfied with the answers from the Premier.

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Message from the Premier

Olympic Games in Beijing

As a fervent supporter of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, CCAA had participated in various activities, variety shows and exhibitions organized by the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee.

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Relief Efforts for Sichuan Earthquake

On May 12, an earthquake of 7.9 magnitude hit Sichuan. This catastrophe quickly aroused worldwide humanitarian aid and sympathy to the people in quake-hit areas. CCAA, under the leadership of the President Mr. Johnny Fong, had organized and participated in numerous fund raising activities for earthquake relief. At the Telethon/Radiothon held by Fairchild Media Group across Canada on May 25th, with the generosity of overseas Chinese as well as the tireless efforts of the volunteers, CCAA helped to donate over $2,500,000 for immediate relief and rebuilding of the quake-hit area.

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Overseas Relief Effort for Winter Storms in Southern China

A series of winter storms affected large areas of Southern China from Jan. 25 to Feb. 6, 2008. Heavy snowfall, ice and extremely cold temperature contributed to Southern China’s worst winter storms in over half a century, devastating the livelihood of billions of people. CCAA had organized various fund raising projects, through which a total of $110,000 had been presented to the Chinese Consulate in Vancouver to aid in China’s relief effort.


Relief Fund for Evacuated Residents

A person is dead and 2 injured after a small aircraft crashed into the 9th floor of an apartment building on a busy street in Richmond, BC. The building was evacuated immediately and 170 residents were taken to emergency accommodations set up by the city. CCAA has responded with donation to aid in the accommodation for the homeless residents until the building is deemed safe to return.


Rogers Chinese Cultural Night
Fundraising Dinner & Showcase for the Stanley Park Restoration

A fabulous fundraising gala for the Stanley Park Restoration was held on July 25th, 2007 at the River Rock Show Theatre in Richmond. All three levels of government and members of the Vancouver Park Board were in attendance. Also, more than 600 participants were present to support the event which raised over $300,000 for the Vancouver Park Board. The famous Chinese Hu Bei Province Culture Dance Team of 34 professional performers was featured in event to celebrate Chinese culture.

Sponsored by CCAA, an exhibition ‘The Unnatural History of Stanley Park’ is open to the public at the Vancouver Museum from Sep 2008 until Feb 2009 to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Stanley Park. On Dec 15, 2008, a monument at Prospect Point is unveiled to commemorate the rebirth of Stanley Park. This monument honors the big donors that help to restore Vancouver’s jewel to its former glory. As one of the pioneer supporter of the project, CCAA is named on the monument.

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An Evening with The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada

October 10th, 2006 was truly a night to remember. The Community Care & Advancement Association of Canada (CCAA) played host to The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime minister of Canada and some 800 members of the Vancouver Chinese community. It’s an insightful evening of dialogue and the rare opportunity for guests to have their photo taken with Prime Minister Harper. The success of the evening highlights the CCAA objective to enhance communications between the many levels of Government and the Chinese Canadian Community.

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Fund Raising Dinner for Guangdong Flood Relief

A fundraiser was held in Vancouver 's Chinatown to raise funds for the Guangdong flood relief. Thanks to the generous support of our many sponsors and the leadership of the Community Cares Advancement Association, the charity event raised over RMB 1,000,000 for families ravaged by the flood. Over 800 people attended the event. Support has been expressed by many Chinese Canadian Associations and the event was attended by all three levels of government.

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Our inaugural CCAA event
A Dialogue with the Honourable Gordon Campbell, Premier of B.C.

Over 1,000 people were in attendance to witness the full support of the Honourable Premier of British Columbia, Mr. Gordon Campbell. The Premier spoke of his support for the association and of the Chinese Community in British Columbia. What was to be only a 20 minute speech, turned into a heartfelt and meaningful 3 hour long discussion and extended questioning period from members of the audience and association.

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